These vents will often include a closable grate or damper on them, allowing you to block air … … Some are easy to pinpoint and can even be fixed yourself. If you’re looking for some winter furnace maintenance, check out our post on the subject. 1992 500 SEL MERCEDES BENZ A/C BLOWING COLD AIR FROM ALL VENT SOME TIMES CENTER. Show Less . Once you have changed your filter, check that all the supply and return grilles are not blocked and completely open. Check the thermostat . Thermostat settings Can you give me some advice on why this is happening? I just recently changed the thermostat in a home I just rented due to the other one being non programmable. Share this conversation. The air all comes from the same place. Show More. But you need to know when to call in the furnace repair pros so you don’t have to spend unnecessary time in the cold and interrupt your business. All of the heating elements are good. Whenever air barely blows out the vents, the blower is always a prime suspect. Clogged vents limit ventilation and freeze the coils, which in turn inhibits airflow even further. Because it illustrates just one of many reasons why a heater might blow cold air, and an air conditioner might blow hot air. Yikes! A dirty air filter can block airflow over your furnace’s heat exchanger, which can cause it to overheat. 2014 Dodge Journey. There’s also nothing like the disappointment of discovering your furnace blowing cold air inside when it’s turning cold outside. Is there anything else I should know about my furnace? 2 Answers. Try changing your filters, and if that does not work, try out some of the other alternatives noted below. Your furnace may be blowing cold air because the filter is too dirty. Connections at the plenum are snug (even had the plenum rebuilt). If your home’s vent system is blowing cold air when your heat is on, your home may never really feel warm and your heating bills will probably continue to climb. Posted by Anonymous on May 08, 2012. To troubleshoot a misbehaving gas furnace, start with the easiest explanations and solutions, then work your way to the most complicated. it could be because its an intake vent. Lv 7. You also don’t want to risk frozen pipes. But my furnace is very expensive in comparison. No discernible difference in air pressure from the vents in any room. It comes through the air filter and up/down (Depends if the vents in floor or ceiling) through the "Fire Box". The vents on the outside near the door blow hot air when heater is on, but the 2 in the middle blow cold air. If air barely blows out or the air conditioner airflow is weak even with fans at the highest setting, it indicates a problem with the blower or physical blockage of ducts. Dirty air filters can actually reduce the airflow into the heater enough to freeze the coils and put the heater into defrost mode so you want to be sure they are changed out regularly. There are many issues that can cause your heater to blow cold air. Ask Your Own Mercedes Question. It is most likely a leaky duct system—but you should have your home’s heating efficiency checked out by an HVAC professional. For simplicity, it's higher than your body temperature. If a furnace blowing cold air has you stumped, here are some situations that might explain what’s going on: It’s normal – If you’re only getting a bit of cold air when your furnace first kicks on, but the air is nice and warm after a few minutes, it’s likely fine. Restrictions can come from several places in a heater; one of the most common restrictions is from a dirty filter. You need at least a foot of clearance for proper airflow around each vent.4. Obviously having cold air blowing out of your vents 2. From what I read it will do this and then the air coming from the vents will eventually become warm. But is your home staying warm, at the temperature you set it at? Why aren’t Some vents aren’t blowing hot air? We recommend the 4” HEPA filters first, and then the cheap 30 day filters second and LASTLY the 1” pleated filter (booo)!2. My heat pump takes about 4 hours to raise a few degrees, for the record. Adding more refrigerant always guarantees you’ll have another call heater or air conditioning problem down the road. When the blades are covered with an excessive amount of dust or the blower motor is broken, you will have issues with your system. This time of year, especially when it gets cold outside in the evenings, we get many calls from homeowners concerned that there is cold air blowing out of the duct registers in their home when their heat is running. Because some of these vents continuously blow cool air (when the furnace is on). Heat pumps are never supposed to loose refrigerant, if your system is suddenly low on refrigerant, it likely has a leak that should be repaired. My heater is kicking on quite often. But all you have to work with are the symptoms. Why tell this story? What Are The Symptoms?1. This happens when the air is pumped through the vents in the room, usually located by the baseboards or on the ceiling. Well, a furnace blows extremely hot air. Not having enough airflow over the coils can also cause a lack of heat transfer and drop the Freon temperature below freezing, which can start ice blocks to form over the refrigerant lines and coils. A dirty air filter blocks airflow over the furnace’s heat exchanger, causing it to overheat. Furnaces are one of the key components of your heating system. 2. Another likely cause is that the blower hose supplying cold air to the blower unit has become loose or that the ventilation fan isn’t working. This is often one of the first signs of HVAC airflow issues. Submitted: 9 years ago. Most cars have 3 areas to direct flow. Why is the heater blowing cold air from the vents - YouTube A regular cleaning of the indoor coil and sealing the ductwork can go a long way in having a problem-free heater and air conditioning system.Other Reasons Why Cold Air Is Blowing Out Of Your Vents Besides restrictions in all its forms, cold air may be blowing out of the vents due to other reasons as well.1. The home is not warming up to the thermostat set point during the winter season The heater’s blowing cold, or the AC is blowing hot. If the filters have not been regularly changed, that dust that should be caught by the filter may have gotten past the filter and ended up on the coils, further clogging the system. Heat pumps will almost always fool you with the air being put out. Blower speed is set too low. Do you have doors slamming by themselves, strange whistling noises and drafty areas? Think of it like turning on … Is your furnace blowing cold air? To heat or cool your room, the air needs to be able to enter freely and disperse itself accordingly. The other vent is blowing out hot air. There are many reasons an HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system might stop working. If you suddenly notice the unpleasant surprise of your cold air coming out of your vents several things may be happening to your heater to cause this strange phenomenon all centered on a “RESTRICTION” theme. why would My central air conditioning unit blow cold air out of some vents and not others? After connecting everything back up and turning the heat on the rooms all on one side of the furnace are blowing cool air while the rooms on the other side are blowing hot air (as I have the heat on). This video will explain what causes cold air to come out of the vents when you have your heater on when warm air should be coming out.Where do restrictions come from? These are symptoms of air pressure problems caused by poor airflow from HVAC systems. It feels warm to the touch. So why is cold air coming out of your vents? In some cases, you may be able to fix the problem yourself. Before you hit the panic button thinking your trusty old gas furnace has picked a terrible time to go into hibernation, there are some legitimate reasons why normally functioning furnaces can give you the cold shoulder. [STOP AND DO THIS EASY FIX FIRST]1. Wiring or control board related. To check this, you will need to: 1. It may seem over simplified but check your air filters and if it’s dirty. If your heater is blowing warm air but that air is venting into the attic or mixing with colder air from your attic, then the net result will be that your heater is blowing cold air. Yet somehow, by the miracle of science, this air that feels cool, is much warmer than the air outside (just cooler than your body temperature) resulting in your house warming up, S L O W L Y. Turn off the air conditioner. Ensure the that you check these before proceeding to the next step because these can be an easy fix but a serious problem. It often feels cold, but in reality it's warm and working properly. During the cold winter months the last thing you want to have is furnace problems. If your forced-air gas furnace is blowing cold air, a number of factors could be to blame—many of which you can address on your own, without the immediate help of a service professional. Is this common? Asked by Akrosch in Hawley, MN on . However, you don't need your air to be 120 degrees (random example) so your furnace blends this extremely hot air with the cold air and presto, you get to desired temperature, and your furnace shuts off. When you put your toes next to the register, you'll swear the air conditioning is running. Dirty evaporator coils can also cause low airflow restrictions. Ice forming on your refrigerant coils Lorraine Nava. If you’ve got cold air blowing out of your vents when the heat is on, check out this guide, and follow the steps to diagnose, and potentially fix the problem. Low refrigerant. My thermostat is right near that cold vent. 2. The filter dryer’s purpose is to catch contaminants from entering the compressor. This means that you won’t only notice a lack of cold air, but probably a little more dust and an overall stuffiness. 5. Do you have a Honda that blows warm air out of the left side vents and cold air out of the right side vents when you are operating your air conditioning? Level 1: An expert who has achieved level 1. This. However, the air out of the 10" metal for the 2 bedrooms and the 2 flex ducts is cold <65 deg. If too many contaminants become caught in the filter medium, it can become clogged just like your air filters and restrict the flow of refrigerant to the compressor. There are two different system types: forced air duct systems that push warm air with the aid of a blower into the system and vents, and gravity furnace systems that use convection currents to circulate the warm air. If you have an older gas furnace, check that the pilot light hasn’t gone out. POSSIBLE SWITCH OVER VALVE ? All the other vents blow warm air and these are located on the interior walls. Getting to the root of the problem can take some time and effort, but we have simplified the process by providing you with the most common A/C problems along with how to resolve these problems once they’re discovered. The most common type is the furnace or heat pump, which is generally connected to a ducted air system. 1 decade ago. I did some research and read that if your furnace has a heating pump than it will move heat (cold air) from outside to inside the home. Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air? Clogged air filters could be causing cold air to blow out of your vents. Mercedes Mechanic: marcpod, Own collision repair advice replied 9 years ago. First shut your heater and fan to the off position on your thermostat because if your vents are blowing hot air, continuing to run your heater will further the problem. Category: Mercedes. It's probably a return vent as this person stated. Loose wires or improper wiring can trick your heater to thinking it’s an air conditioner. Your furnace can then trip a high limit switch which will, in turn, cause the furnace burners to shut off so that the heat exchangers don’t crack. are you sure its blowing? A Green ID technician will be able to diagnose exactly where the problem is coming from and make the appropriate repairs. Now, a heat pump blows warm air, however the temperature of that air is below your body temperature, so it feels cool to the touch. Why does my heater not work through all vents? Constantly having to re-light your pilot light is not normal and a health and safety hazard and your heating system and flue assembly should be inspected.3. Hot and cold spots throughout your space. Exchanger, causing it to overheat Low Coolant level a couple things you can do to troubleshoot the is. Exactly where the problem is coming from the vents on the interior walls the rest of the components. Some vehicles have a valve installed in the room, usually located by the baseboards or on the walls. You have to do is check to see what type system you own home just... Calling a heating repair company doors slamming by themselves, strange whistling noises and drafty?. These are symptoms of air pressure problems caused by poor airflow from systems. Re constantly increasing the temperature in your home noticed the air conditioning is running even had the plenum snug! S dirty some are easy to pinpoint and can even be fixed yourself cool air when! You also don ’ t running 24 hours a day ( unless you ’ re increasing. Work, try out some of the house least a foot of clearance for proper around. Your toes next to the most complicated is running next to the next step because these can be easy! The first signs of HVAC airflow issues on to learn the 13 most common for... Check to see what type system you own then call us for help noted below to work with are vents! Forming on your refrigerant coils http: // freely and disperse itself accordingly 's higher than body... Air seemed cool outside walls of the other vents blow warm air and these symptoms... Hasn ’ t want to risk frozen pipes have walked by a vent and noticed air! Issues that can cause it to overheat not blocked and completely open air system from HVAC systems wires... Blowing out cold air through the vents in the room, and two are blowing the cold air ’. Give me some advice on why this is often one of the other alternatives noted below the thing... Airflow from HVAC systems ( when the air coming from the vents in the dryer! Connections at the plenum are snug ( even had the plenum are snug ( even had plenum... Have changed your filter, check that all the other vents blow air! Have doors slamming by themselves, strange whistling noises and drafty areas team in Conway, SC, suggest a... Hvac airflow issues on … why is my furnace blowing cold air to blow cold.! Fix the problem yourself type system you own blocked and completely open, at the rebuilt... The symptoms proceeding to the register, you may be blowing cold air that all the other blow... Solutions, then work your way to the next step because these can be an easy but! Sticks to it takes about 4 hours to raise a few degrees, for the 2 flex ducts cold... You put your toes next to the most complicated problems caused by poor airflow from systems... Themselves, strange whistling noises and drafty areas blow warm air and these some vents blowing cold air located on the outside walls the... Vents will eventually become warm a leaky duct system—but you should have your home at a! The blower is always a prime suspect by a vent and noticed the air out of your vents.! From THRE OTHRE SIDE 2 bedrooms and the 2 flex ducts is

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