I’m having it professionally recapped and sorted out. Category Features. I was mixed up with 30-40 year-old brand-name & part numbers. PIONEER SX-990 VINTAGE AM/FM STEREO RECEIVER PROFESSIONALLY SERVICED *NICE*! There is a specific nostalgia involved for many people that can’t equate to anything else. Marantz 2500     – 250 WPC6. Bluetooth device and high-power amplifier delivers clear audio. He cannot likely afford to have a failed receiver repaired. Sansui manager. Then my neighbour who had payed 4,000.-CHF(Swiss Francs) for his new ‘chic’ (Barbie;), non high-current) stereo needed a new jaw (bone) because his had fallen to the ground when he heard my new-old low-cost components). There is no problem connecting media players and TV with AirPlay, including the DS-A5 RI dock. This panel of best vintage receivers: Marantz 2270, Pioneer SX-1280, Quad FM4, Sansui 881, Sansui 5050, Sansui G-9000, Scott receivers, Marantz stereo receiver. It is one big set of speakers which you can set it up and enjoy music anytime you want. Best AV receivers Buying Guide: Welcome to What Hi-Fi? bulletin: Sony made about 100pairs oh Ss G 9! Marshall Kilburn . With a starting bid of $78 he's only about $60 too optimistic this time, but he uses the same ridiculous language as in his prior listing. We picked the Sony STR-DH190 as the best stereo receiver because it offers the best mix of features, sound quality, simplicity, and affordability. Stereo Receiver with Bluetooth - Black with 2 Answers – Best Buy This is not bias this is based on bench testing so I would have to say Technics SA1000 was probably not the most powerful receivers made. However, times and tastes change, as does availability on the […] 1. It utilized a variant of the 6L6 power tube 7591 which provided 32wpc powering most efficient speakers at … Watt ratings don’t tell the story. Many units have a wooden housing with metal components, and some gadgets are completely constructed out of sleek aluminum material. It is flawless for daily use in a confined space for easy listening or film watching. There was one made but it is only 100 watts per channel I believe. The Technics SA-1000 takes the top spot with a massive 330 watts per channel. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Yes No. For one of the very best (and best-looking) stereo receivers available anywhere, look no further than B&O's excellent AXR85. Another receiver that failed to meet its published power output specification was the Pioneer SX-1980. Any recommendations? Nobody mentioned the MARANTZ 4400B with the quad box and ociliscope ! Some other people buy classic receivers since they desire that style to operate their vintage electronics; Yet, for purchasing an excellent stereo receiver regardless of what the reason is, it’s essential to know which ones are thought to be the finest. why isn’t Luxman represented ? Pioneer Sx 9000. Surprisingly a Technics SA-1000 recently sold with a buy it now at $1500 which seems fairly cheap. Marantz 4300 Quadro Receiver 1973 After the Marantz Model 4400 it is the largest of the 70s quadraphonic receiver series from Marantz. The sound out of this power house unit is so clear no matter how high you turn the sound up on this unit with the Proper Speakers connected to this system it will sound crystal clear , Most of your newer stuff is in peak watts not RMS watts. I have the Pioneer sx1010 that mostly delivers all the power I need and has the best sound and I’ve backed it up for extra power with the Phase Linear 700 that I can use the preamp of the SX1010. Hi, I would like to sell my receiver ELECTROSOUND am/fm stereo amplifier 32 :32,in Mint condition. By Paul Rigby in Features, Turntables & Tech April 10, 2018. The unit is remote controlable, but I do not have the remote - not included. The sound is good but it is an all digital fluorescent display unit not analog which I don’t like as much. The sound is clear and crisp with powerful bass. The sound was reminiscent of Edge amps. Lot: 1 SONY STR-SE581 HiFI Stereo receiver, as shown and as described above. But the Pioneer SX-1980’s stellar performance shows that it’s possible to get truly world-class sound from a … His best bet is to find a rebuilt vintage receiver within his budget of $300. Through thorough research, we have accumulated some data on vintage speakers. Share. This model was manufactured between 1971 and 1969 and offered superb sound quality due to the 55-watt per channel output signal. The stereo receiver can also be connected to bookshelf speakers or standing floor speakers. Enjoy clear powerful sound from a Home Cinema AV receiver. Thanks Saul! All I had to do was replace the foam surrounds on the HPM’s! But, it does not sound great until you replace all the audio coupling caps with Russian K40Y-9 capacitors.

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