Hermione laughed at that she had to admit when she had read the story of Harry Potter she was in awe and couldn’t wait to get to Hogwarts and meet him. Lovable people, Harry thought, he preferred not to meet them again. Harry Potter fanfic with Harry attempting suicide using a “slicing curse” taught to him by Dumbledore. Of course, after all, he had been in the shop with Daphne when Harry came in. Daphne, on the other hand, was a different case. After filling the vile with blood, Grindelwald … As Harry started to move towards the train, with Hermione following, Harry called out, "Nice to meet you, Cousin Tonks! Harry Ryan turned up before the dessert course had even been served at Hogwarts and was sitting to the left of Harry with Remus and Sirius to his right and Daphne and Blaise sat to the left of Harry with Hermione sitting close to the 6 of them. Whether she's the Ice Queen of Slytherin, an heir to the family fortune, or just a regular teenager, Daphne Greengrass is one of the most popular characters in Harry Potter fanfiction. #fanfiction #fourfoundersofhogwarts #harrypotter #inheritance #mature #secrets. Sorted into Slytherin, befriended by Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter's life looks drastically different from the very start. Now, apparently immortal, and having to live his life again, Harry decides to make the best out of it. It is through his friendship with Draco that Harry meets the person that will change his life forever. It starts at the end of the year, on the train. No one missed the fact that Harry had taken members from each of the four houses most notably 3 Slytherins, 4 Ravenclaws, 3 Hufflepuffs and two Gryffindors, also Harry had accepted two prefects in Daphne and Hermione and the head boy and girl Cho and Roger into his new house. Harry opened his mouth and then closed it, opened it again… “Stop that you look like a fish,” the man barked, a slight smile coming to his lips. 62 The End Is The Beginning » by Nitraz Harry sacrifices himself in the forest, but things don't go according to plan. Harry Potter had runaway from his home at the Dursely's for the fifth time now, and Albus was starting to get flustered. I don't portray her like that, even though she will still be a good friend to Harry. He would like to meet her again and maybe have a … After discovering that his friends and Dumbledore lied to him Harry goes to Gringotts and finds out he's the heir of all the four founders. 5. The only problem is that Harry's situation is much worse than Severus wanted to believe. Harry Potter Fan Fiction where Harry escapes Azkaban, Ginny and Hermione date and Ron kills Hermione. Fanfiction. I tried to find it, but I couldn't (I didn't save it). See you later." Having more contact with Harry only helps her in getting to know the real him, like happened in canon. None of the family service witches had seemed to do any help for little Harry, so Albus decided to send Severus this time. More Harry/Daphne Fanfics. 1. 2. “So introductions may help” Ryan said looking down the small table Despite that, finding complete stories of acceptable quality remains a challenge. In a lot of fanfics, Hermione is a borderline Mary Sue, to the point that many people consider that to be the 'default' Hermione. Chapter 1: Betrayal There is a story that starts at the end of fourth or fifth year that follows this idea. Daphne was not so rude as to explicitly say that Hermione was not invited. Harry isn't collected by Hagrid that day - but by Professor McGonagall. Hoping my … Daphne is ostracized hy Malfoy as a result of her pursuit of Harry. He meets Death at the train station, and promptly gets sent back in time to his younger body. 3. Harry Potter fan fiction where Vernon and Dudley punish Harry but Petunia is on his side. Harry replied, "Hermione and I plan to grab our own compartment, then we'll drop in on everyone else during the trainride.

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