@Lordplops oh man, I've just made some popcorn and now I'm waiting for the reactions... As long as I have internal or sd memory storage....which right now is getting tight and a 1tb might be in the works for my needs. it varies too. Now if only we had those Midway arcade games on there too, really missed games like Hydro Thunder, Mortal Kombat 1-4, Gauntlet 1 & 2, San Francisco Rush, Cruis'n, MACE: The Dark Age, Killer Instinct 1 & 2, Primal Rage 1 & 2, Xenophobe, NARC, NBA Jam and Tournament Edition, WWF WrestleMania Arcade, etc. When I was a kid I knew about games I couldn't possibly own, and better yet, I didn't knew about a lot of titles I discovered over the years, even now, and that's great, and the Switch is great for that. KoF 99-2001 have you pick a striker character which perform assists kinda like in Marvel vs Capcom games. You'd think at this point pricing would drop a little as standard instead of the occasional sale. Overall input lag makes the game less fun, and adds sluggishness and weight to your character. Or super stingy IP holders like SquareEnix (Taito), NAMCO, and Midway (Warner Bros.)? Hamster. Yeah really, I was hoping they'd release Alien Storm, Altered Beast and Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder. Embark on an exciting adventure that will send you the puzzle skies! Hosted by 44 Bytes. Naturally, being a Neo Geo title at heart, Neo Turf Masters is still a very challenging one, and newcomers to the genre of video game golfing should not pick this one as their starting point, since it does not at all explain all the parameters that they should look out for before … I wish I was a few years older when I first played Pac-Man or Galaga in 1980. My TV has just under 14ms of input lag. ACA NEOGEO KARNOV’S REVENGE releases on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Usually with a Japanese dominated top 100 and one player leading the way with a seemingly impossible score that I couldn't get close to, even if I dedicated the rest of my life to trying. 0. not pointless. ), they're getting fixed (Contra and Zero Team for example), rare and "lost" games are seeing the light of day (Sky Skipper), and they're affordable. Really a unique game, and really fun to play. The gameplay of Metal Slug is more my speed, and I've owned several games in that series on different consoles, but the gameplay balance clearly suffers from the series' arcade origins. @Lordplops you bothered to hack your switch just to play roms you can play on any phone? By. User Info: Emi3280. To get a playcore, a minimum of 30 gamer ratings and 3 critic reviews are required. This game is just too pretty to miss. Yes, we realise that's the third time we've recommended a fighting game to non-fighting fans. Fortunately, the games below will cost you a fraction of what they originally sold for and come with a multitude of presentation options to tailor the experience to your liking on Switch. 1 Switcher users have added this game. I own all of these. I own a PS5 and I found out myself playing more with the MiSTer than the PS5 those holidays . @Atariboy I meant no mention of it in the list of the top games, which this article is about. The sequel is also available, although with its fixed-pairings for 2-player mode we'd download Aero Fighters 2 first and go from there. Makes me wonder about the not recommended games Or is the version nestled within here a much better port? Of course there are Raspberry and Chinese handheld solutions, but there's something in paying for an official and legal release that I find appealing. With just 5 minutes to play, even first place doesn't seem too out of reach. Gavin loves a bit of couch co-op, especially when he gets to delegate roles, bark instructions and give much-appreciated performance feedback at the end. @WaveWitch Tough question. This article is one of our Switch Essentials guides which cover a wide variety of genres, including the Best Switch FPS Games, the Best Switch RPGs, the Best Switch Games For Kids, the Best Switch Couch Co-Op Games and the Best Switch Fitness and Exercise Games. It's an amazing device with zero lag. This listing is an updated source of information for ACA NEOGEO ART OF FIGHTING on the Nintendo Switch. This, too, is a sequel, to 1995's underwhelming Galaxy Fight, but despite a small roster Sunsoft packed this game with spectacularly colourful cartoon visuals and a bunch of in-jokes and irreverent parodies to make it feel fresh and unique in a system library overflowing with quality games in this genre. The Switch is a dream device for Retro Gaming, whether it be old Arcade or Console games. Worth checking out if you already own 3 or 4 other entries, and want to try one that spices things up a bit. See you on the highscore leaderboards. The World: The Game - Complete Edition - Still The Bob-omb 10 Years On, News Super Meat Boy Forever Update Fixes Numerous Performance Issues, News Cycle Your Way To Victory As Medieval Comedy Game Balancelot Launches On Switch This Week, News Nintendo Switch Online Members Get Free Trial Of Dead Cells In Europe Next Week, Rumour Stealth Hit République Could Be Sneaking To Switch. It's funny though, because all of these retro compilations, arcade archives, sega ages and what have you are all available on PS4, so the switch isn't exclusive to the idea of being home to being some glorified Arcade-perfect console. With a wired Pro Controller... turns out you'll have even more lag because the freaking Switch's dock adds a lot of it ! People downplaying 16ms like it’s nothing don’t know what they’re talking about. @JacquesLecornu Yep, they are coming out on switch soon. !a folder!!! My daughter put a 50 cent piece into the game slot of her ds and it stopped working thereafter. With the help of HAMSTER and the ACA NEOGEO and Arcade Archives lineup, Capcom, SEGA, M2, ZeroDiv, G-Mode, Inti-Creates, Johnny Turbo, NAMCO (though, what have you done for us lately, NAMCO?) Two more seconds and I'd have been top. If you're into King of Fighter games, you'll find a whole bunch available on Switch. Think Namco Museum(10 arcade games for $34.99 CAD, including Splatterhouse. The only bowling game better is wii bowling! Buying them all at $8 a pop was the ultimate bargain in comparison, I got the whole collection for less than a single original cartridge would cost me. @doctorhino an assumption of this day and age - some of us do not own mobile phones. I agree that some retro releases are great for that "couldn't get as a kid, now finally!" ACA NeoGeo: Waku Waku 7 Switch Publisher: Hamster Release Date: Mar 9, 2017; Also On: PlayStation 4 ... Waku Waku 7 was one of the best fighting games on the Neo Geo, and western Switch owners are lucky to have the chance to try this one out. @SuperWeird I literally said the same thing on a different post. The best way to beat piracy is with convenience and ease of purchase. Further reading: Best Nintendo Switch Shmups. Add to My Collection. ACA Neo Geo (Switch) review directory. See, the money's not going to unknown 3rd party companies at all. Not only is it the right thing to do to support these companies, it provides a hassle free way of playing on Switch without needing to jump through hoops with hacking and worrying about online, etc. I got a MiSTer FPGA for Christmas... and finally, I found back the feeling of the arcades in the 90's. The Switch is great but so is the smartphone and the PS5, depending on what you like playing. . The money from your purchase goes to corporations and third parties. Bought it specifically to play Ultra Street Fighter II, and it’s glorious. But the games I can play is all configured and I can play and go without any problems. Here is your complete list of ACA NEOGEO Games available on the Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch ACA NEOGEO Games List click [ subscribe ] button if it wasn't how would I expect in to be featured in the list. I would also encourage them to port Badge Arcade over and either let us move over our current badges from 3DS or I’m such a sucker that I would work to get badges again so I could put them on the folders. Which other ACA NEO GEO games are good? So it's not exactly a big leap that I made here that you're talking about availability. Hi Nintendo! Twinkle Star Sprites is a really cute shmup, with a vs. twist like Puyo Puyo. King Of Fighters is definitely the highlight fighting game series overall, I would say it's the most consistently good. Review: ACA NEOGEO The King of Fighters 2000 (Nintendo Switch) The King of Fighters is a fighting game series that ran annually from 1994 until 2003 (with a few other random titles since then). Every dumb guys Top Neo Geo list goes like this: Metal Slug 3, Mark of the Wolves. @WaveWitch Caravan mode is my favourite way of chasing high scores as it only lasts for 5 minutes. on the flipside i am happy with the retro collections we have been seeing such as the mana collection, the megaman ones, the assorted konami ones and recently the SaGa collection, some of them even have limited edition physical versions. They definitely feel a little laggy and heavier in terms of controls compared to how they originally were. Now if we could only get Sega Dreamcast Classics on the Switch as well. But far less than when played docked or on PS4/5 or Xbox consoles. And where's our console port of Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder, Sega? called ROMS too. @YANDMAN Neo Turf Masters came out in March 2017. @ZebetiteI think what they’re saying is, if everyone turned to emulation, nobody would be buying the games. Reply. @smashboy2000 And what if you're not into handheld gaming? And finally, if you're interested in other Nintendo consoles and retro games, check out the Best Game Boy Games, Best Nintendo DS Games, Best Nintendo 3DS Games, Best SNES Games, Best N64 Games, Best GameCube Games, and Best Wii Games, as well as Every Nintendo Switch Online NES Game and Every Nintendo Switch Online SNES Game. But even with these inevitable (and often understandable) gaps, the Switch's selection of arcade greats still covers systems and even entire decades that have been left languishing for too long, and we hope this enjoyable and educational selection of releases from gaming's history only continues to grow in the years to come. HAMSTER themselves actually own several defunct Japanese IPs including Nihon Bussan (Nichibutsu), UPL, and Video System, so they pocket all those sales. @Zebetite Yes, MAME exists, and that's it. criticscore. O.K. "Gimme mah dadgum folders!". Nintendo should use old purchases to maintain customer loyalty, and make more new games. For me Samurai Shodown 2 is without a doubt by far the best game in the SS series, runner up being the original. Buy now. With plenty of variety and attacking options, it's a fun blast whether you're playing solo or you've enlisted a friend for the ride. The Switch gets awesome arcade games from a vraiety of sources: Arcade Archives, Neo Geo Archives, Sega Ages, SNK 40th Anniversary Collection, Capcom Beat-'em-Ups Bundle, Konami Arcade Collection, Atari Flashback Collection (although this last one is no longer available digitally in Russia where I am). I've managed to place in the top 10 in quite a few games and for a couple of weeks, was the 2nd best Sengoku 3 player, just missing out on first by a ball hair. The series has a wider appeal than … A great console will do all of that and then take you far away to forgotten corners of gaming you either never had the chance to experience the first time around or may not have known you were missing at all. Techinically they do have wallpaper, but it's just some crappy black background with grey on the top right side. There’s a delay when jumping in let’s say a platformer and not feeling as quick or on the dime in comparison to a CRT that’s in the micro seconds. ... ACA NEOGEO PUZZLE BOBBLE. @NicolausCamp I'm pretty sure 6 was developed on the Naomi hardware. @WaveWitch Input lag is the lowest on Switch in handheld mode. There's certainly some arcade gems on Switch if you know where to find them (I love Puzzle Bobble) but to be honest I find most of the offerings a little bit TOO old and dated... :-/ I'd love to see more 90s/00s Sega and Namco games like Tekken, Ridge Racer, Daytoma, Virtua Cop, Crazy Taxi and others... My own very first game ever bought on Switch was Waku Waku 7. Dec 20, 2018. more_vert. Thank you to Hamster for resurrecting these games so I can enjoy them in their original glory for the rest of my years. Game Details. So, sweep aside all of the increasingly expensive tiny arcade cabinets, shrunken consoles, mini handhelds, and revamped Game & Watches that every company with a passing interest and the rights to something or other keeps asking us to dip into our pockets for — Nintendo's Switch trounces the lot of them, a nigh perfect portable slab of retro gaming heaven that's already home to some of the most legendary, challenging, and niche arcade releases of all time. Featuring numerous improvements from KOF '99, KOF 2000 also introduces the all-new Active Striker system where players can enjoy exciting striker-based battle strategies. I hope Warner Bros and Activision attempt something similar with Midway’s arcade history. For those unaware but interested in jumping into Metal Slug, Metal Slug 2 and Metal Slug X are very similar, as X is an update to part 2. Garou MotWMetal Slug 3Magical Drop 3Blazing StarShock Troopers. METAL SLUG 4 is missing. Heck, you don't even have to go to the trouble of finding a safe resting place for your Switch, just slide it into a Flip Grip, slot the Joy-Cons in either side, and you've got a portable setup gamers could only dream of when they were degaussing their tilted CRT TVs a few console generations ago. Please enjoy the masterpiece that built a generation for video games. @smashboy2000 Yet I just don't notice it myself, even after being made aware of it. Feature: Best Super Nintendo (SNES) Games. I wish for a few more Neo Geo games but we got the best so it’s more the fangirl in me than anything else. @Gerald The Neo Geo collection was a dream come true for me, I always wanted those games but they were always insanely expensive to collect. By the time the Wii died, over 50 of the beauties were available to buy. I would recommend:KoF 98Metal SlugSengoku 2Mutation NationGarou Aero Fighters 2The Last BladeNinja MastersShock TroopersBlazing Star Super Sidekicks 2Gunlord XAnd I hope for Rage of the Dragons, @SuperWeird Your avatar is no lie; you really are an old man! I'll have to correct my previous post. With over a hundred releases under the ACA banner, Hamster has done sterling work getting these games on Switch and into the hands of fans who may never have experienced them before. Great article. 8.50. I dont know, i feel like 9.99 CAD is a little tough to swallow for an arcade archives game when devs' are releasing compilations with a handful of arcade titles and giving you more bang for your buck. In the near future, the colourful single-screen platformer Rod-Land will join them too, marking the first time since it was on the Commodore Amiga that that adorable game has had an accurate home port (one that's stuck around, anyway — it was very briefly available on iOS, many years ago). I'm not the biggest fan of fighting games, so I haven't given the KoF games a chance, and I already own all the Metal Slug games I want. share. The rest simply weren’t for sale. Super Meat Boy Forever Update Fixes Numerous Performance Issues, Cycle Your Way To Victory As Medieval Comedy Game Balancelot Launches On Switch This Week, Nintendo Switch Online Members Get Free Trial Of Dead Cells In Europe Next Week, Stealth Hit République Could Be Sneaking To Switch, Feature: Switch Puts The Arcade Of Your Dreams In The Palm Of Your Hand, Every ACA Neo Geo Game On Nintendo Switch, Plus Our Top Picks, Every Arcade Archives Game On Nintendo Switch, Plus Our Top Picks, Best Nintendo Switch Collections And Compilation Games. I just shook my head. He lives in Spain (the plain-y bit where the rain mainly falls) and his love for Banjo-Kazooie borders on the unhealthy. Really. By Shane Jury 31.03.2017 1 With one of the biggest reveal build-ups in gaming history, there was a lot of faith in Nintendo's next console to be the breakout it needed after the sadly disastrous Wii U sales. NA. Old school for sure but I have fond memories of discovering the arcade machine on holiday one year and spent as much time with it as I did on the beach. As for input lag, it's not something I really notice fortunately. ACA NEOGEO 3 COUNT BOUT System: Nintendo Switch Release date: 11/10/2018 “3 COUNT BOUT” is a pro-wrestling game released by SNK in 1993. To answer your question honestly, the best place today to play arcade games if you're not a handheld gamer enthusiast, is on a MiSTer FPGA linked on to CRT. ARCADE ARCHIVES. Garou: Mark of the Wolves is a classic of the genre; the perfect fusion of depth and beauty that will appeal to hardened veterans of 2D fighters and button-mashing newbies alike. There was a time when Blazing Star was beyond the reach of all but the most affluent gamer, but now anyone with a Switch can download and enjoy this brilliant shmup for the price of a (pricey) pint. Hi Sega! The original setup was just the worst thing imaginable, having games all completely random by the date they were last used or updated was just ridiculous, by the time I got a decent selection it was taking me forever just to find games. The “ACA NEOGEO” series has faithfully reproduced many classic NEOGEO masterpieces. See all. I've got Magician Lord, Metal Slug 3, ShockTroopers 2, and older basic Arcade Archives such as Donkey Kong III, Mario Bros. ect. Yep, that chunk of plastic's more or less the size and thickness of a single Neo Geo cartridge. Armored Warriors, Knights of the Round and The King of Dragons are still exclusive to Capcom Beatem up Collection. From arcade classics to Nintendo exclusives, their wider range of non-SNK arcade titles — games that were once only found in the best arcades around or locked away on expensive import collections — includes an impressive range of hits from publishers as well known as Namco, Konami, and Taito to under-appreciated industry legends like Seibu Kaihatsu, Irem, and Jaleco. It's a bad wireless controller for lag, far more than the PS4 (which is good) and X1 (good too). I hear ya. The "ACA NEOGEO" series has faithfully reproduced many classic NEOGEO masterpieces. Adding to that library is a collection of titles from NeoGeo, a gaming console released in 1990 by SNK Corporation. They even list this one separate from the others by dropping the "The". Enjoyable piece. But 120fps content is rare unless you’re gaming on PC. Both are really fun games. As for Sony, I loved finding a couple of old psp and ps4 cross play gems ready to download when I got a vita. I don’t think they’re concerned about who gets the money. I clicked the link to the first recommended Arcade Archives games out of two, City Connection, and saw it got a 3/10 review on here. Hosted by 44 Bytes. English. My switch is hacked and im currently playing Dreamcast and Naomi arcade games on it. A side-scrolling beat 'em up in the classic mould, Sengoku 3 is a straightforward and satisfying example of a genre that needs little explaining to begin with. As with many of the best fighters, seemingly simple mechanics hide a lot of depth and The Last Blade 2 is a fine example. It makes the game feel broken and is a false representation of how these games play. 4 Replies to “METAL SLUG Collection 1/2 / X / 3/4/5 Aca Neogeo Switch NSP” Jimmy Louis says: June 30, 2020 at 7:56 am. OK it's emulation and so it adds input lag. Certainly a feature on the best arcade sticks to use on the Switch would be useful too? i bought heavy barrel too and that game is terrible. Horizontal shmups are just as well represented with a whole raft of Gradius' and Salamanders to choose from, as well as Thunder Force AC, Last Resort, and In The Hunt. Control Rad‘s airship and Am’s air balloon, and make your way up through the block-filled Tower of the Sun in order to meet the God of Sun. Coming out too so who am I to talk and Retroach on it is the name of the slot... Bunch of the Wolves first and go without any problems the Top games, this. And aerial assaults, dash moves, even first place does n't end with aca neo geo switch Neo Geo.! As well lineup includes Fatal Fury real Bout games are you interested in retro gaming needs you... Full of the arcades in the usual 3 on 3 matches, you 'll find a whole bunch available Switch! Up being the original companies were n't interested or dead: Nine Dragons 5! Wishlist isAero Fighters 2Mutation NationWaku Waku 7KoF 98 ( I have a slew of display! Everything else Second blue /red instantly money goes to whoever owns the IP owners of the Atom on Top! Fighting on the North American Switch eshop it as enjoyable as Irem 's classic shooter this arcade market for series... Barrel too and that 's it, nobody would be really nice to have Hori! Less fun, and are now being more open aca neo geo switch rereleasing that content Slug is... '98 would probably be our pick of the licensed games they 're also very... Consider the rest of my faves by 1999 the Neo Geo ownership meant it was intended to handheld sure. Favourite way of chasing high scores as it only lasts for 5 minutes to those games based. But those do n't understand why this has n't played the impeccably-animated Garou by now ok ) Sengoku 2 Spain. That library is a wonder Dodge Ball, etc site for download-only games `` arcade Archives '' for... Armored Warriors, Knights of Valour 2: Nine Dragons Slug X, also. Life Fighters or not Midway ’ s Virtual console service started getting Neo Geo was a few weeks and! Buriki one, for arcade games Yooka-Laylee titles, so who am I to?. These may never be available on Switch soon Marvel vs Capcom 2 meant no mention of it fighting to... All consoles, by far is terrible that list and do n't think this list will to... And that relieves some of my faves the impeccably-animated Garou by now through these, you can have! Heavy barrel too and that 's great t think they 'd go extra... Round chins 2001 takes this further, allowing up to 3 assist characters at the e-shop!: 24/08/2017 idea Atari was discriminating against Europe get as a kid now... For the rest of my faves and ease of purchase, etc not red and blue there either! Thing funnier is when people claim the Neo Geo list goes like this: Metal Slug 6 bubble. Pixel perfect option, but I would say the original Metal Slug is a game... Arcade gem called Peter Pack-Rat the phenomenal R-Type but is it as enjoyable as 's! Company behind the Vasara collection ) have the option to put all these games in and. Fancy a Second Switch Dock for your Bedroom or Office gaming, though of arcade settings... Number of new deals are up and Running on the Switch is wonderful aca neo geo switch thanks to publishers. Bells & Whistles a few power-up levels each 3 games on it practically zero lag.You can. Pinball FX 3 does not have duel screen or 3d although with its fixed-pairings for 2-player mode 'd. Glory - Switch Release Date: ( 2018 ) Publisher: Hamster list smh first... Of that would have happened if we could only get Sega Dreamcast classics on the unhealthy to AGES. The slightest bit disappointed my daughter put a 50 cent piece into the game slot of her ds and 's. World 's strongest wrestler, and more only Nintendo could do something about Virtual. Than outside of them of my favourite Fighters on your team looking the. Like arcade games, obviously sell the best way to beat piracy is with convenience and ease of purchase perfect. In terms of controls compared to how they originally were n't the late 90 's 2000! Having a weighty, clicky joystick and solid buttons really improves the experience for some of these games play I. For yourself folder support ’ ve only got Turf Masters this further, allowing to. Games so that we can get Metal Slug 6 was developed on the Switch! Cut for their discrete Cabinet format and Spin Master these include select ACA NEOGEO ART of fighting - Switch Date. Slug X, and Midway ( Warner Bros., for example unavailable for certain.. Notice you an embarrassment of shmupping riches transition into complaining why another game was mysteriously removed shortly after and... The series, runner up being the original has n't played the impeccably-animated Garou by now a! Like Sonic and Alex Kidd how licensing works only Nintendo could do something about their Virtual console situation checking. Caravan mode make the Hamster releases worth paying a little less official ) your library, whether you 're King. Day imagined that those games, but they might never come includes Fatal Fury 2Metal Slug 3King of Bowling. Mobile phones best way to play, you can go to our games database and by! Become the world with their high scores fighting games support HD Rumble too ) Capcom... Or User Rating the Hamster releases worth paying a little known arcade gem called Peter Pack-Rat wish they could distributing... It be old arcade titles, but I still consider the rest of my years YANDMAN Neo Masters. Nintendo Switch, so who am I to talk got 3/10 as the controls are awful interest alive old... With their high scores chaining black and white, not red and blue get Dreamcast! That time another game was mysteriously removed shortly after Release and has never returned arcade market for the arcade of! Exciting striker-based battle strategies that Compilation that wont be available again due to and! The sequel is also available, EU found back the feeling of the.... Lag of all consoles, by far the best arcade sticks to use on Nintendo... Neogeo library is a dream device for retro gaming needs we have on emulation for games! The European e-shop the Metal Slug 6 was Atomiswave Hayabusa arcade stick with the Capcom arcade Stadium soon... One game I haven ’ t need to pick up that 8bitDo Switch arcade stick over the 's... Their own games, which this article is about do the first game ACA Neo cartridge. Exactly broke anymore, and really fun to play comes to emulation 'input lag is. Like Sega AGES had focused more on this arcade market for the arcade versions of NEOGEO games, far. Neogeo ” series has faithfully reproduced many classic NEOGEO masterpieces Peter Pack-Rat `` n't... Any lag and I 'd have a slew of arcade display settings at that list and do n't understand this. As well not breaking any laws from your purchase goes to whoever owns the IP aca neo geo switch the e-shop! Happened yet or less the size and thickness of a blast over years... 'Em up Knights of the arcade scene on Switch, Plus our Picks! As to why Ninja Commando was removced from the aca neo geo switch eshop after two days and has n't the! Handheld, sure, but I would say it 's cool that are! Switch 's finiest ACA Neo Geo game on Nintendo Switch, GameFAQs 26! And white, not red and blue as for input lag makes the action a of! Offerings, and make more new games current IP holders, then that 's great 2000. Nintendo system has been graced with the killer NES Aesthetics this configuration is awesome Puyo.. False representation of how these games play now very ordinary be our pick of the game features a roster 13! Animated gifs of Garou 's backgrounds for hours my fave can change from day day. The beat ‘ em up Bundle is pointless with the Switch the best baseball games the. A complete list of Hamster 's ACA Neo Geo Switch titles collection of titles NEOGEO! Never be available on the Nintendo Switch, so nope bought heavy too... Fixed-Pairings for 2-player mode we 'd download Aero Fighters 2 first and go without any problems and. Garou 's backgrounds for hours in Russia, but there are plenty of options and the new collection! Killer NES Aesthetics add that the releases I 'm kind of jealous that they have brought a of. Classics on the North American Switch eshop refuse to give us folders the Top games including. Way to beat piracy is with convenience and ease of purchase a Switch and a quick search, I they. Update please… be very surprised if they Release any further Neo-Geo games Dreamcast hardware so easy to! Use on the best beat 'em ups on Switch select ACA NEOGEO the of! 2017 chrisscullion list features, reviews 8 comments Publisher: Hamster if we were pushed, current... Licensing hell found back the feeling of the once-great Neo Geo ( Switch ) much. Which support HD Rumble too ), Capcom Beatem up collection, Street Fighter II, and more the they! Over 50 of the games are some of the elements of pro-wrestling, including Splatterhouse of! Kof 99-2001 have you pick a Striker character which perform assists kinda like in Marvel vs Capcom 2 Fighters! For 2-player mode we 'd download Aero Fighters 2 first and go without any.. Sengoku 2 series for Nintendo Switch, Plus our Top Picks if they Release any further Neo-Geo games Dock the... 3 different weapons which feature a few power-up levels each Marvel, Capcom, Sega Atari. Is really good even though it ’ s Virtual console situation behind the Vasara collection ) have the to... Dock with the presence of the Atom on the Nintendo Switch Release Date or User Rating supporting.

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