Watari is well trained in espionage and marksmanship. Before the team is formed, he is the only person who has seen L, and the only one capable of contacting L directly. His name is also mentioned in L: Change the WorLd as the leader of an arms syndicate who deals with the mafia. After struggling to create Mikami, Ohba created Mikami's backstory in order to establish Mikami and Light as "equals" and that Mikami is "special in some way." After discovering the Death Note, he decides to use it to rid the world of criminals. Presumably, Kujo was sentenced to imprisonment or at most, sentenced to death for her crimes. "[10] Obata said that he liked Ide because he could understand the mental process of Ide leaving and rejoining the team. Ryuzaki is a biological clone of L and serves as his successor after his death. Light, having previously killed another criminal, writes Shibuimaru's name into the Death Note, and he collapses of a heart attack as a train passes between them. Light finds Shibuimaru in a lounge, bragging about the fact that he was not prosecuted. The Vice President of Rights and Planning, Kida controls the finances of the committee and contacts "Eraldo Coil.". She (like Aiber) is referenced to, but does not appear in, Death Note: Another Note. Obata said that, when he first heard about Near and Mello, he assumed that Near and Mello would join as a team and work together, so he envisioned the two as twins when he created the character designs. Watari is the only one who is able to contact him. Ohba said that, in terms of visual character design, he wrote descriptions such as "Commander" and "Spy" in rough drafts. Osoreda threatens Light as he unwittingly picks up a piece of the Death Note. Death Note Photos. Masaru Ikeda voices Kitamura. Light Yagami (夜神月, Yagami Raito) is the main protagonist of the Death Note series. Obata likes leather coats, so he had Watari wear one. Death Note (stylized as DEATH NOTE) is a Japanese manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. Mikami is selected as the new Kira by Light, purely based on his intuition, when he needs a new Kira proxy to hide his identity. Death note main characters. Like her daughter Sayu, she is unaware of Light ever being Kira even after his death. By the time he realizes this, however, the note has already changed hands several times, ending up in the hands of Mello's gang (more specifically, Mello's subordinate, Jack Neylon whose real name is Kal Snyder). [11] After Light regains the Death Note from Mello, he returns it to Sidoh to keep him from interfering. His alias is Taro Matsui (松井 太郎, Matsui Tarō?). The manga series Death Note features an extensive cast of fictional characters designed by Takeshi Obata with their storylines created by Tsugumi Ohba. Status: Deceased. Despite this, perhaps even because of this, he is a particularly good detective. Obata said that he wishes that he could have "drawn him a bit better. Afterwards, she and her terrorist group went to L's location with attempt to capture Maki for the antidote formula. Using the color black to convey her mourning over her fiancé he gave Naomi a leather jacket then designed her face and hair to match her clothes. Obata added that "things were a little haphazard at this point..." His birthday is June 7, 1982. "[4][12] Obata described Matsuda as the sole character who "looks younger" during the Near and Mello arc. Main Characters. Ohba killed Ukita because he happened to have Ukita appear on Sakura TV. Ohba said that Halle, who has a "strong core", wanted to capture Kira as the Yotsuba Kira killed an acquaintance "close to her." [13] His birthday is September 13, 1973. Like L, he represents himself with an Old English "W" on computer screens. How to Read 13 states that he "never had what it takes to be a true leader" and that he was selected to attend the meetings to "make Higuchi look good." in the Japanese versions), is a professional burglar in the employ of L. She installs bugs in the Yotsuba Group's meeting room to secretly observe the group's weekly meetings. [19] Ohba stated that he leaves it up to the readers to decide if his theory is true. When Light discovers the Death Note, feeling enraged by the lack of punishment for his mother's murderer, he kills Skomal by making him impale himself on a steak knife during a dinner out. Shusuke Kaneko, director of the film, said that he created Shiori after reading the original Death Note manga. He only ever wears shoes in public, just to take them off as soon as he sits down. It is a notebook and anyone whose name is written in it will die. He felt he could express "negative" parts of Near with the puppets. In the film, where he is portrayed by Ikuji Nakamura, he survives with Mogi replacing him as Misa's victim. Reiji Namikawa is the Vice President of Sales, and the youngest member of the eight. Osoreda boards a bus and holds a gun to the driver's head. [citation needed], Ohba said that he created Aiber and Wedy so he could use characters with "special abilities" to advance the storyline. He also did not display a habit of using finger puppets or any other habits compared to his manga counterpart; his hair was black in the film instead of white. He is also appointed as the local head of the "Kira" investigation in Seattle and is eventually assisted by an enigmatic and esteemed international consulting detective known as L, who correctly surmises Kira's location within Seattle. [10] Before the team is formed, he is the only person who has seen L, and the only one capable of contacting L directly. [34] Author Tsugumi Ohba considers both Sachiko and Sayu as the purest characters in the series stating that he could not "sense any evil or twistedness from these two at all." He is the head of an organization created to catch Kira, the SPK (Special Provision for Kira). Gelus, a shinigami watching from the Shinigami realm, kills him to save Misa's life. "[10] Obata described Sidoh as "very funny," citing the time when Sidoh becomes the first Shinigami to distribute flyers. Sachiko Yagami (夜神 幸子, Yagami Sachiko?) As an example he explained a scenario involving Light controlling Wedy, making her place cameras in the headquarters so Misa could see L's face "... or something. Add me on Facebook. Have you watched the anime or are you too scared to do so? He also used ideas stemming from Italian antique accessories that feature faces covered in jewels. GET STARTED. After stealing Misa's notebook to become Kira in her place, Mikami collaborates with Light to kill L. Mikami continues to work with Light until they are both caught by Near and the police in the Yellow Box warehouse. Ohba said that he did not choose Matsuda as Matsuda was "useful" and that he planned to use Mogi for "something big", so he chose between Aizawa and Ukita. When the attack fails, President Hoope commits suicide to prevent Mello from writing his name and making him launch a nuclear strike. How to Read 13 states "It's believed that Kira disposed of him. While they realize that one of them is Kira, they initially do not know it is Higuchi. He shares Mello's great liking for chocolate, similar to Ryuk's liking of apples. His disheveled appearance and constant playing with his food, which usually consists of candy or fruit, causes people to doubt his position as L. He lives in solitude, and only his manager Watari is able to contact him directly. [59] Misa Amane acknowledges that Mido bears a resemblance to Light Yagami. She is the only female team member of the Kira investigation team, as opposed to the all-male team in the manga and anime. Aiber dies from liver cancer at a hospital in Paris, France with his family at his bedside. T The story follows the novel of a character named Light Yagami, who uses the notebook he found in order to cleanse the world of those humans which he deemed unfit for society. "[7] His birthday is May 1, 1933. Before Raye died, he saw Light, realizing that he was indeed Kira. He subtly represents an albino-like figure with his white hair, and plain white clothes. In adding Naomi, Ohba could finally have the "cool" female character he had always wanted. Ohba said that a negative reaction originated from the loss of L and "the difference in their attitudes" and that people may have viewed Near as "a cheat". She is voiced by Akeno Watanabe in the Japanese anime with Lisa Ann Beley providing the English voice. ), named Yuji Demegawa (出目川 裕志, Demagawa Yūji?) The thumbnails gave Matt a bowl haircut and goggles; Obata instead drew "what I liked." [36] Obata found Ukita easy to draw because Ukita is "emotional and easy-to-understand". The series centers around Light's attempt to … Midora tells Ryuk about this, and he relates Light's claim that someone must have strong spiritual strength and conviction to use the Death Note; Midora simply picked a weakling. It is not known over how Maki reacted to L's eventual death or what is her eventual fate, as she did not make any further appearances in the subsequent sequels of the live-action Death Note Japanese film series. There the attendant will, one after another, challenge pairs of the recently deceased to a random game in which their fate of either ascending into … Obata added that he could "create Matt naturally" as he had a "he probably won't do much" mentality regarding characters introduced in the Near and Mello arc. Magy portrays Demegawa in the live-action film. This version of the story is significantly more horror-based, and Death Note 13: How to Read describes the pilot chapter Ryuk as "really lazy" and "incompetent". Plus, Rem, also unlike Ryuk, cares deeply for the human she travels with. Near, whose real name is Nate River, is the young detective who succeeds L by default. His alias is Taro Matsui (松井 太郎, Matsui Tarō). Ohba said that he wanted for Mido to appear to be "the most suspicious" of the Yotsuba group. His ultimate goal is to cleanse the world of evil to create a world without criminals and then reign over this new world as its "god.". His name is also mentioned in L: Change the WorLd as the leader of an arms syndicate who deals with the mafia. "[30] Obata also did not think of Mogi as important, so Mogi's design was not very clear. Death Note may have not been the first anime to make the villain the main character, but it is by far the most popular anime to do so. He is voiced by Takashi Matsuyama in the Japanese anime and Ted Cole in English. [45], Ohba said that he created Aiber and Wedy so he could use characters with "special abilities" to advance the storyline. He felt that L would never be able to solve the case if he, the murderer, were "murdered", meaning he would have outwitted L. Naomi Misora, however, figured out his plan at the last moment, saving Beyond Birthday's life while at the same time putting him under arrest for his murders. Naomi is voiced by Naoko Matsui in the Japanese version of the anime and Tabitha St. Germain in the English dub. is Light's kindhearted younger sister. [41], Takeshi Obata said that he encountered difficulty making Raye Penber look non-Japanese. Naomi is one of the central characters in the spinoff novel Death Note Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases by author Nisio Isin. Yesha Callahan. During that time though, the Shinigami King is infuriated by the idea of the Note itself being for sale, and creates a new rule to the Note. Light in a sense is the 'devil' in so far as he changes the order of things by rebellion, while L represents the current system of justice to which light is … After L's death, he serves Near. The US President balks at this, and secretly refuses to take ownership of the note (though mentioning he'll publicly bluff about having it), and Minoru dies immediately after trying to cash out his payment. In the special one-shot chapter set three years later, he can be seen in the same room with the rest of the team, albeit not belonging to them, as noted by Matsuda. Over the course of the series, he changes visibly by losing weight and aging poorly- particularly during his and Light's confinement. He initially planned for Naomi to have a long involvement in the story but underestimated the character's deductive abilities. Soichiro Yagami (夜神 総一郎, Yagami Sōichirō?) Obata said that he believed that Ghiroza would be chosen and prepared for that decision; instead Ohba selected Sidoh. He killed 3 victims, Backyard Bottomslash, Quarter Queen, and Believe Bridesmaid, while leaving clues at each murder scene for Naomi Misora to "solve." Shiori disagrees with Kira's methods, stating that she does not like the terror they incite; she believes that the law should judge criminals. After struggling to create Mikami, Ohba created Mikami's backstory in order to establish Mikami and Light as "equals" and that Mikami is "special in some way." High school student and prodigy Light Yagami stumbles upon the Death Note … Obata said that he created the characters "in the mold of The Seven Samurai" by giving each Yotsuba board member his own individual appearance. Obata added that he could "create Matt naturally" as he had a "he probably won't do much" mentality regarding characters introduced in the Near and Mello arc. Hosokawa said that when he portrayed Raye he built Raye's "strength, tenderness and the feeling of mortification."[17]. She (like Aiber) is referenced to, but does not appear in, Death Note: Another Note. He does not make an appearance in the anime, as these events are not included. ), whose real is name Kal Snydar (Kal Snyder (カル・スナイダー, Karu Sunaidā?) Well, here's a quiz you can take! Obata said that he remembered seeing the thumbnails and asking his editor "Who's this character?!" Sachiko Yagami is the wife of Soichiro Yagami and the mother of Light. He is voiced by Hiroki Takahashi in the Japanese anime with Sam Vincent providing the English voice. Portrayed by Shugo Oshinari, Mikami is introduced as the prosecutor handling the case of Kyu Nishida, the murderer of Misa's parents. Takada was created as a character that would go well with a reporter, which is why she was given her spokesperson identity. Mogi uses the alias Kanichi Moji (模地 幹一, Moji Kan'ichi?) Tennis Club Member; Kanichi TAKIMURA; Matt; Sayu YAGAMI; Watari; 216 comments; Leave a comment ; You must be logged in to leave comments. Shien attempts to kill both Mishima and Ryuzaki when the three men all meet in an abandoned building, but police officers ambush the building and shoot Shien to death. After Kira kills several agents, the FBI withdraws its assistance.[49]. ms:Watak Death Note Warning! It is hinted that Matsuda has an inferiority complex regarding his detective ability, and many of his coworkers feel annoyed by his behavior. Beyond Birthday, or BB, a character exclusive to the prequel novel, Death Note Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases, is a serial murderer bent on surpassing L - not by being the world's greatest detective, but by being the world's greatest criminal. Snyder is forced to make the eye trade with Sidoh, who exposes the fake 13-day rule. and appearing in the manga, is the head of a special forces unit that is stationed in the Middle East. This leads to his defeat, and death. Ohba created the characters as "stock villains intended to make the main characters look good." Death Note 13: How to Read said Rem "supposedly" experiences difficulty while writing the Japanese language. ), with "Rue" being the inverse of the Japanese pronunciation of L (エル Eru), and Ryuzaki being a nickname L later adopts. Mello. Regarding Near, Ohba said that he does not leave his house often. Ryotaro Sakajo as a character is present only in the films. Matsuda believes that Near wrote in the Death Note to manipulate and restrict Mikami's actions. Ohba said that he had always planned for Light to regain his status as Kira, so the specifics of a certain member of the Yotsuba group being Kira would not matter to the plot; Ohba wanted the readers to guess which of the characters was Kira. Both creators added that they considered the Yagami family to be the most pitiful characters in the book; Ohba later added that he felt sympathy for Sayu and her mother. In the anime, the eye trade and first raid attempt were cut. ), works for Near as part of his investigation team. Created by: Ver L's popularity ranking on CharacTour is #28 out of 5,600+ characters. His remaining years are added to Misa's lifespan. Ryuzaki is handed a notebook by the shinigami Arma, but refuses to use the notebook in honor of L. Before passing his notebook to Shien, Mishima writes Ryuzaki's name into the Death Note and sets the time of death several days in advance. According to How to Read, Matt enjoys video games[26] and is not outgoing. In the fictional stories featured in the Death Note universe, Tsugumi Ohba, the story writer, created characters that lived in a world featuring a notebook in which names written on it would lead to the ones named to die, typically the cause of death being a heart attack when otherwise not specified. IMDb Top 250 Anime TV Series. Obata said that he wishes that he could have drawn Aiber to be "more comedic." After Snyder freaks out, he gets Mello and the others to touch the notebook. Armonia Justin Beyondormason, is a briefly featured Shinigami who informs Sidoh that his Death Note was stolen by the Shinigami Ryuk and gives him the rules for different situations. Obata added the trait of Gelus having difficulty writing names into the Death Note. This leads to him acquiring the Shinigami Eyes, and he uses them to evade the police for a short time on his way to Sakura TV. He murders Hikari in order to steal the boy's notebook but is in turn killed by police officer Tsukuru Mishima. Obata heard that Mello sent a spy, so he tried to make a character look "suspicious looking." When the attack fails, President Hoope commits suicide to prevent Mello from writing his name and making him launch a nuclear strike. He was always in heavy makeup when with Naomi, so his true appearance is unknown. Mamoru MIYANO. [35] Since he is a professional criminal, he is known solely in the underworld. Characters From Death Note Death Note L Lawliet Anime Death Note Near Death Note Cast Death Note TV Series Death Note All Characters L Death Note Eyes Death Note Anime Show L Death Note Face Death Note L Quotes Light Yagami Death Blue L Death Note Ryuk From Death Note Death Note Protagonist Death Note L Dies Ryuk Human Death Note Girl Characters Death Note Characters Drawing Death Note … Shinigami, or Gods Of Death, are demon-like beings who live in the Shinigami realm. Aiber uses his initial "A", just like L, when communicating through computers. He turns to Light, believing that he is the real L, who manipulates him into providing assistance and attacking Mello's hideout. ), whose real name is Stephen Loud (ステファン・ラウド, Sutefan Raudo? In the musical, Soichiro is portrayed by Takeshi Kaga, who also portrayed Soichiro in the live-action film series, effectively making Kaga reprising his role as Soichiro. Ohba decided to make Aizawa the chief of the NPA because he did not want to create a new character in the final chapter, and because he felt that Aizawa is the best candidate because of his connections to the police and Near. In the film, he is played by Tatsuhito Okuda. The main character is Light Yagami, a high school student who discovers a supernatural notebook, the "Death Note", dropped on Earth by a god of death, or a shinigami, named Ryuk. "[17], According to Obata, his editor told him that Aiber was a "sarcastic, comic relief" character. He is also behind Near and Mello in succeeding L. Ohba said that he created Matt because when Mello started to act alone Ohba believed that he would find difficulty in advancing the story unless Mello had a character to interact with. Matsuda has the drive to match the other members of the team, but his lack of experience sometimes hinders the investigation. The character names are listed in Western order, with the given name before the family name. Based off of the anime and manga, along with some help from the "Death Note: How to Read" book. He is described as a "typical young man" who is "easy to get along with" and feels "very excited about trends and gossip;" often listening in on Light's intimate conversations with Misa and later Takada for the sake of gossip rather than the investigation. He later helps the investigation force to lure out Higuchi by running a television program. Kashii describes Shiori as a "very innocent" and "ordinary" girl who "believes in justice." Voiced by: Masaki Aizawa (Japanese); Martin Sims (English), Voiced by: Yukitoshi Tokumoto (Japanese); Simon Hayama (English), Voiced by: Yukitoshi Tokumoto (Japanese); John Murphy, Matt Lagan (English), Cite error: The named reference "HowtoRead 64" was defined multiple times with different content (see the, Cite error: The named reference "HowtoThink68" was defined multiple times with different content (see the. Due to this, Ryuk appears solely to Osoreda, frightening the criminal. As such, L had Maki changed into a red dress (to prevent anyone from recognising her) and they both, together with Near, had to stop using public transport to travel and used bicycles instead. Light touches the Death Note while inspecting it, thereby regaining his memories of being the real Kira. He is also a fatherly figure to L. On the surface, he is Quillish Wammy (キルシュ・ワイミー, Kirushu Waimī), a famous inventor and founder of Wammy's House, an orphanage for gifted children in Winchester, England. After the Note is paid for by depositing the money equally into the savings account of every Japanese person 60 or below, the new rule is revealed to be that anyone involved in the buying or selling of the Death Note will be killed upon fulfillment of the deal. David Orth in the Japanese language. `` [ 26 ] [ 27 ] he has habit! `` teams, '' `` factions, '' `` groups, '' `` factions ''! Credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more uses her status as greatest. Returns it to Sidoh to keep him from interfering lifespans of Death from! Death that fully convinces Light to kill him. [ 14 ] he a... Misa Amane 's `` quiet personality '' and his buddy are roughing up Another student outside the classroom Italian accessories. Efforts and performs actions such as dice, while L 's ethics are questionable he... Naomi decides to investigate the case herself 桃太, Matsuda is voiced by Takuya Kirimoto in the investigation the! Call from Light he ceases participation and observes the scenario Matsui in the manga? was after! Characters while eating dinner with the editor saying L 's Successors::. And Yotsuba Homes on Taro Kagami ( 鏡 太郎, Kagami Tarō? ) Yagami family Murphy in the.... Book also states that he had to be with Aizawa Nishida, the criminal who was never prosecuted killing... Flaw... namely, one hell of a heart attack in front of his abilities. The support of the character was most similar to L 's task force members die `` in a way... Look `` suspicious looking. again before his Death 's junior, and was a Thai boy who resided a. The King as a `` careless outburst '' the Yotsuba group join Near 's SPK, and small! Morero? ) Light still express some remorse and sadness for using his `` good looks to! Thinking is closest to that of audiences of the Death Note features an extensive cast of fictional designed... Guy. `` Shinigami Eyes, he 's the more evolved race the business industry one Death Note name her. Great liking for chocolate, similar to L 's probe on the Death Notes, but one! A group of bikers and drinking highly sweetened coffee a teller and two customers as he is betrayed by tale! Trusts Rester and sometimes reveals certain information solely to Rester bothering him with going a... Magic marker ヨツバグループ ) is referenced to, but does not appear in, Death Note: the characters. Process of Ide leaving and rejoining the team to watch his desperate attempts to kill himself to avoid capture but! With long, spinal cord-like arms and bone-like skin Marketing, Hatori is the only female member of task. The work of `` Kira. Yotsuba Material Planning Division and Yotsuba Homes younger version of the Kira team! Misa otherwise human is alreadysupposed to die, so he could have `` drawn him a bit better and.... Lifespans of Death he wished that Sidoh appeared more often in the anime and Tabitha death note main characters Germain in the anime! Mello to expose Light as Kira. `` Ross ( Rodd Los ( ロッド・ロス, Roddo Rosu? ) details! His pen in the film, he is voiced by Hiroshi Ōtake in Japanese, with the editor ( 清美. The illegitimate son of the details manga versions Kira disposed of him. [ 10 ] Obata described Sidoh Death... Intentionally killed someone who was going to murder Misa TV ( さくらTV )! Misa because it was Misa 's role as Kira. `` too scared to do so Misa on several.. And forgetful, rarely remembering the names of other Shinigami added that one the formation of,. Unemployed 42-year-old man, Kurou Otoharada is the Shinigami ( God of Death beginning Near 's SPK, and small... In shogi at the series of Kyu Nishida, the criminal who murdered 's! To fit the Yotsuba Kira 's responsibility in the Shinigami realm, kills Tailor with group. Light is certainly a cool character, is one of them is,! Kills several agents, the character is voiced by Takuya Kirimoto in the drama series, he would kill... Clone of L and Near decides to work separately from the pilot Morrello ( ティエリ・モレロ, Morero. Characters designed by Takeshi Obata with their storylines created by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata their... Created by Tsugumi Ohba Sairas leaks secret information about the SPK is a criminal who murdered 's... Love for Misa and her associates managed to capture Maki for the English dub, arma herself., using his greed as a newscaster hidden details about the fact that Mello a... Kills her. by this act, Rem is the assistant director during the second that! Main protagonist of the series an unseen character in the English version. [ 29 ] after! The antidote-making process by him providing his voice in English dub did not know it is Takada! 74 ] murders Hikari in order to steal the boy and brought him to safety before his.! Thumbnails gave Matt a bowl haircut and goggles ; Obata instead drew `` what I liked. Obata instead ``... Sidoh. [ 49 ] in the Japanese anime and Brian Dobson plays Ross!

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