Alba System

The ALBA SYSTEM is a wedge lock scaffold featuring excellent workability, safety and augmentability with advanced technology. The products comply with a range of specifications and applications, which are not supported by conventional scaffolding.


Preceding handrail method

Preceding handrails can also be used to attach safety belts or as a substitute for long brace through whole.

  • Unlike conventional frame type scaffolding, ALBA SYSTEM consists in essential elements as preceding handrails, implementing a more reliable method.


The easiness of frame type scaffolding and the flexibility of pipe scaffolding

Put up a scaffold of any form with a simple procedure.

  • Verticals can be connected with horizontals and ledgers in any of the tour directions. Even at a building with many internal or external corner, you can put the scaffolding in either X or Y direction without a break as in frame type scaffolding.
  • Verticals, horizontals and ledgers can be rigidly connected by wedge with the action “few driving”, which substantially reduces the man-hour from the level for pipe scaffolding requiring many clamps tightening with a wrench.
  • Once the level and alignment are achieved on the ground, you can now easily assemble the ALBA SYSTEM according to a simple procedure same as for frame type scaffolding. You no longer have trouble determining the length of the next pipe, or adjusting the level and plumb for every layer as in pipe scaffolding.


Strong junction between vertical and horizontal

Wall thickness 8mm flange plate

  • Flanges for vertical made by 8mm thick plates to achieve a higher strength, to be more durable, anti frictional wear and hard to bend.
  • Our original design “Snake Mouth” of horizontal ends can take a wider contact area to vertical, so that we provide a more powerful connection of the structure to you.


Light-weight, compact elements

The heaviest element weighs 12.6 kg.

  • Among the key elements, the heaviest one is a vertical of 3,600 mm and 12.6 kg weight, which can be easily handled. Horizontals and preceding handrails are also light-weight, You can easily erect and dismantle them.
  • Verticals are more compact than walk-through frames of conventional scaf-folding. They need less area of temporary stock during erecting or disman-tling in the construction site.


High flexibility with dedicated components

  • The use of dedicated fittings allows you to install extensive accessories such as fall proofing hoppers and hoisting platforms. In the same way of frame type scaffolding, our ALBA SYSTEM can flexibly accommodate accessories, supporting a wide range of your needs.

Aluminium Fall Proofing Hopper (safety gear)

2- or 3-interval opening can be provided

Can be erected as movable working platform

Hoisting platform (material inlet)

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