Features of Our Scaffolding

ALINCO scaffolding not only fulfills the scaffolding strength requirements in Japan but also has been designed with consideration to safety for scaffolders and the others construction workers. All components possess allowable load with safety factors. Using high-strength and high-quality materials, this scaffolding was designed to withstand the heavy use in construction sites based on the manufacturing expertise accumulated over many years. Most of the steel components are hot-dip galvanized with corrosion protection to achieve long service life. In fact, these products stick out more than 30 years before and/or after use without problem. Our scaffolding products have a simple design and are easier to use (especially compared with local scaffolding). However, our scaffolding in the long term allows to reduce cost per site with simplicity, functionally and efficiency of time. ALINCO scaffolding also helps to reduce the labor cost for assembling and disassembling.

We ensure our scaffolding always has a good quality and is ready to be used by customers. Therefore we always do routinely maintenance such as a cleaning, selecting good or not good products and repairing products which have been returned by customer routinely. After that, we processes the packaging of the products and get them ready to be used by next customers.

Our packaging process makes the loading or/and unloading process easier especially when unloading at the site or project. Customers can use tools such as a crane to pick up the products from the trailer. Additionally our facilities make the packaging process more time efficient.

We periodically carry out inspections at our customers’ sites as part of our customer service. The purpose is to ensure that every part of the scaffolding has been assembled correctly and if not we report the inspection result to the customer for correction. This inspection is crucial for safety and convenience of the workers.

Load Test & Test Data


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